Collection: Freeze Dried Food

A curated line of small batch freeze dried food for emergency and snacking purposes. Some are meant to be eaten as is, others should be reconstituted. We eat freeze dried food ourselves. Although we live in a relatively stable area of the country, we know that we can provide food for ourselves and, if necessary, our neighbors in the event of a long term utility failure in the area. We live in a city, we realize just how vulnerable we are to, say, the loss of power for a week. But freeze drying takes significant investment in time and money to do properly, as well as precious counter space.

Our freeze dried food comes in aluminized mylar bags. Basically, the aluminum coating is what keeps out light and oxygen. That is why we don't offer our food for sale in nice display-friendly clear mylar bags. If you don't believe me, you can read for yourself here from one of the manufacturers of mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. The exact pertinent quote from that page:

7 mil Mylar and other “extreme” thick Mylar bags relatively provide no more oxygen protection than 2 mil Mylar because it is only the aluminum on the surface that keeps the oxygen out.  

We won't promise a 25 year shelf life, but we will do everything we can to make our food last as long as possible on your shelf.