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Freeze Dried Brocolli Florets

Freeze Dried Brocolli Florets

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Just look at that broccoli! That is how it came out of the freeze dryer. Each package has 1 oz of freeze dried broccoli, which equals 12 oz of fresh broccoli. The ice was thick on the side of the freeze dryer that day, that's for sure. That's a lot of water weight.

It's nutritious, it's delicious. Go ahead and get some for your emergency stockpile, because you need proper nutrition when things get stressful.

This is packaged in a solid aluminized mylar bag that has been partially vacuumed, an oxygen absorber added, and heat sealed to preserve your food for as long as possible. We don't make blanket "up to 25 years" claims because it just does not work like that. Different foods have different shelf lives. Broccoli like this should last a few years and still be perfectly good but it depends on how you store it. Temperature plays a huge role.

Ingredients: Broccoli.

Produced where peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, meats and sesame are also processed.

This product was prepared in a kitchen that is not subject to inspection by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

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