About Unicorn Promise

A small but diversified company devoted to supporting our fellow people.

We are currently engaged in art, retail, manufacturing and entertainment. 

Mission Statement

Rebuilding society at fundamental levels through commerce


We ship one day a week, due to this being a complete side gig and having very irregular mail service where I live. So I have to take everything to the post office once a week, like with all my mail. You will get an email when it is shipped, with tracking number, I promise you!  

A portion of each sale, as listed on each item, goes directly to various projects. 

One major project is supporting rebuilding in Ukraine and other war-torn areas after major combat is over in an area. Unexploded explosives and mines are huge problems. Organizations such as the Halo Project do fantastic work to save lives and restore land to usable condition. 

Another one is helping provide sustainable housing to lower income individuals and families that have been priced out of the housing market. We're exploring options that can make major differences in the lives of Americans, providing stability for those who need it and desire it.