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Freeze Dried Shredded Chicken Breast and Tenderloin Meat

Freeze Dried Shredded Chicken Breast and Tenderloin Meat

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Our Chicken Breasts and Tenders are cooked on stovetop to extract as much fat as possible-- fat is an enemy of preservation! Cooked in a big stock pot with broth, garlic, onion, celery, salt and pepper until fall-apart and then fork shredded. Then it was frozen on trays and freeze dried in our Harvest Right.

Our shredded chicken is in a solid mylar bag, an oxygen absorber popped in, as much air evacuated as possible with our Food Saver, then heat-sealed. This is how we do it for our own food rotation. 3 oz of chicken is in each bag, which reconstitute into 9 oz of chicken. Personally, I pop this into my homemade pasta sauce, or scrambled with eggs and sweet peppers, or add it to other various dishes.

Meat, by its nature, has a limited shelf life even freeze dried and stored in perfect circumstances. In our real world conditions, we trust ours to about five years. You'll find people claiming "up to 25 years" but the professional industrial processors reserve that for grains. Dairy and meat breaks down much faster.

Please note that this food was prepared in a kitchen not subject to inspection by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and that the same kitchen is used to prepare foods containing milk, nuts, gluten, and basically everything else. If you have specific concerns, send me an email or DM me on Instagram,

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