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Unicorn Promise

Banner Piece -- Cosmic

Banner Piece -- Cosmic

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Inspired by various pictures from the Hubble observatory, this acrylic on canvas is a one of a kind! Measurements are 16" by 20". Coated with polyurethane for long lasting protection. This is my favorite painting that I have seen so far from Kaith Collins and so I made it my store banner. I hate to let it go but she convinced me that for the right price I should, so it will remain our banner piece until it sells. Then I'll have to choose a new one.

So here's the deal for our Banner Piece sale: It's outrageously expensive for a good reason. $150 of it goes to help rebuild war-torn areas, currently Ukraine, but once things are good there we will direct money to other places because the need really never stops. Another $150 of it goes to provide services to people here in the US. The rest goes to the amazing artist. 

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